SMCF Annual Report

Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers equips Pendleton Indiana and Lapel Indiana teachers with vital tools

Equipping teachers with vital tools.

During the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the following projects were undertaken to build a rich learning environment and a bright future for Pendleton and Lapel students:

Organization: Lapel Elementary Pre-K Team
Contact: Ashley Allen
Amount Awarded: $1,005.89
Synopsis of Project: Developmentally Appropriate Outdoor Learning Environment Equipment purchased to create outdoor environment will last for many years. Rugged sand and water tables with lids, alphabet and number bubbles, water blocks, droppers, wheels, bottles, sand activity sets and alphabet leaves. All equipment is safe, durable, and movable.

Organization: East Elementary 6th Grade Science Team
Contact: Angela Brinson
Amount Awarded: $1,600
Synopsis of Project: STEM Connect Equipment (Inhabit Mars) Students will research, study, and design solutions to create a habitat on Mars. As a culminating activity, students will design a vital tool to be used in the Mars habitat. All students will be able to create a 3D printed tool to present and have evaluated. Grant funds will purchase a classroom set of twenty-five 3D pens ($1,000) and 15 rolls of filament ($600). The project meets multiple state standards and allow all students adequate time to create designs.

Organization: Lapel Elementary School Special Education (1st-3rd grade)
Contact: Linda Steele
Amount Awarded: $204.84
Synopsis of Project: Bulldogs for Literacy- Supplies for shared Literacy Intervention program: The Leveled Literacy Intervention System is designed for students with reading and writing difficulties. The curriculum and books were acquired from Frankton Elementary, but Lapel didn’t receive supplemental resources for optimal implementation. Writing books, easel pads, comprehension game canisters and phonic cards will be purchased. These engaging literacy practices will reinforce learning and reduce literacy errors.

Organization: Maple Ridge Elementary Kindergarten
Contact: Molly Wright
Amount Awarded: $689.49
Synopsis of Project: Felt Storytime Felt Boards, Felt pieces, and a collection of storybooks will make storytime the most delightful time of day for Kindergarten students. Entering school during the pandemic means that students are discouraged from typical interpersonal and relational behaviors and could potentially act out or miss important social cues during the school day. Felt characters can model those behaviors while bringing joy to reading time.

Organization: Lapel Elementary School
Contact: Joe Bowman
Amount Awarded: $4,880.64
Synopsis of Project: Balanced Math Cadre Twelve LES teachers will be led in seven progressive development sessions by a Butler University professor. This would be the second cadre of trained teachers. The results from the first cadre’s implementation of their enhanced techniques show an improvement in student learning of 10-15% above that of their peers. Fees cover instruction and materials for Lapel teachers. Lapel’s single elementary school serves 750 students in Pre-K through grade 5.

Organization: East Elementary Drama Club
Contact: Jodi Brown and Melissa Franklin
Amount Awarded: $7,000.00
Synopsis of Project: The Show Must Go On Transitioning live performance to a recorded performance will allow the work of the drama club to continue despite the cancellation of in-person performance. Purchasing a full suite of equipment to record, edit, and broadcast the performance will cost $6,500 and includes three Canon 90D cameras, high-capacity laptop, tripods, and microphone. Additional cost includes an estimated $500 production licensing fee. Equipment can be used by yearbook and choir when not in use by drama club.

Organization: SMCSC Band Boosters
Contact: Heather Tannas
Amount Awarded: $10,000
Synopsis of Project: School-Owned Instrument Repair Project More than a third of middle school band students use school-owned instruments. Next school year will bring a post-Covid enrollment increase in beginner band and an increase in need for school-owned instruments. Meanwhile, cancellation of fundraisers has reduced community support. Many popular instruments are already shared between students (each player supplies his/her own mouthpiece). Accelerating repair on the backlog repair list will improve inventory and student satisfaction by eliminating leaky valves, dented slides, and other impediments to top performance.

Organization: East Elementary
Contact: Jessica Zepik/Media and eLearning Specialist
Amount Awarded: $721.80
Synopsis of Project: LEGO Robotics enhanced makerspace Five LEGO robotics kits and coding apps and lesson plans aligned to teaching standards will meet the makerspace goal to continuously maintain and update the inventory of activities each year. New sanitation protocols require makerspace objects to be used for a full week by a pod of students in proximate seating. This reduces availability of inventory for other students’ use but allows for deeper exploration of themes like building and coding.

Organization: Lapel High School/Post Prom Parent Committee
Contact: Courtney Barkdull
Amount Awarded: $1,440.00
Synopsis of Project: School Bus Transportation Scaled back post-prom activities will be held at Adrenaline Adventure Park in Fishers. Group transportation is a requirement of participation and will be by corporation school bus. 6 buses, fuel, driver wage, and driver tips would be paid; costs are higher than usual because of social distancing requirements on buses. Prom was cancelled last year. Participation will be a treat for students who have had a year without the usual celebratory events.

Organization: SMCSC Elementaries- Tech Club
Contact: Sarah Watson/Tech Club Sponsor
Amount Awarded: $1,600.00 1:1 Challenge Grant (achieved)
Synopsis of Project: VEX Robotics equipment & fees Robotics teams at each elementary have waiting lists. Additional robot kits help expand capacity. New VEX Robotics competition kits, update of cords and batteries from aging kits, pieces for two expanded playing fields, registration and competition fees for all three schools are requested. (Note: $2,067 awarded for same project in 2019)

Organization: SMCSC Elementaries
Contact: Tim Manuzzi, Eric Schill
Amount Awarded: $10,000.00 (last dollar in)
Synopsis of Project: 3yrs/ Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum Program helps to teach children different strategies to use to help lessen anxiety, strengthen relationships and deescalate conflicts. Curriculum includes physical health components to connect mental and physical health and teach children to observe and soothe the physical responses to their emotional stressors. A rise in stress and anxiety has been observed since the tornado and pandemic. Applicants will approach SMCSC for remainder of the $15,249 license.

Organization: East Elementary 6th Grade
Contact: Margo Cromer
Amount Awarded: $594.00
Synopsis of Project: Time for Kids Full school year subscription to the weekly news periodical for 120 sixth grade students. Subscription will be integrated into the weekly curriculum, aid in nonfiction reading, current events, and critical thinking.

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