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About Us

We create positive change and lasting impact

A community foundation is a unique charitable organization that is built with the donations of many individuals and governed by a citizen board. Since 1992, our donors have invested $3 million in grant support to the people and places of Adams, Fall Creek, Green, and Stony Creek Townships and have helped build assets of over $8 million for lasting impact.

Our mission is simply this: to produce positive change and lasting impact in the communities we serve.


South Madison Foundation Staff

Executive Director Lisa Floyd has led the Foundation’s daily operations since 2008. A Lion, Rotarian, and volunteer EMT, she lives within walking distance to work, the park, and the library.

Tammy Bowman, Associate Director, most enjoys facilitating the connection between a donor’s intent and a recipient’s need, even though their eras may never overlap. She joined the Foundation in 2013.


South Madison Foundation Donors

The work of the South Madison Community Foundation is made possible by the support of generous donors.

Donors work together to build a bright future for the community we love.

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Eleven citizen members set the vision for the Foundation and ensure it adheres to the highest operational standards. They come from all corners of South Madison County and bring a wide variety of talents to the Boardroom table.

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