Board of Directors

We’re right next door, and we always will be. You can have a face-to-face conversation with any of us at a moment’s notice.

We know South Madison. It’s our business to know which organizations are providing what services to which groups within our communities — and to help them do the best they can.

We are part of an honored tradition. The foundation was begun by a handful of civic leaders who had a vision for their community’s future. Today, we reap the benefits of the tradition they began, and in turn, it is our responsibility to set the stage for tomorrow’s bright future.

We are committed to stewardship. We comply with stringent national standards. We engage in regular training and development, both in regular meetings and through partnership with the Lilly Endowment, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, and Council on Foundations.

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Roz Upton, Pendleton, Indiana

Roz Upton, President of the Board

Roz is involved with the Lapel Community Association and Trinity United Methodist Church. She is Vice President of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and serves on the Governance Committee, a scholarship selection committee, and volunteers on the Open Hearts, Open Purses event committee. She enjoys the friendliness and accessibility of South Madison County.

Ken Hoppes, Pendleton, Indiana

Ken Hoppes, Vice President

Ken Hoppes' mantra is "I'm only here to help." He and his wife, Beth, have lived in Pendleton their entire lives, raising two daughters and welcoming four grandsons into their small town’s traditions. High school and college sports instilled lessons of teamwork, sacrifice, perseverance, responsibility, and accountability that Ken has come to appreciate more over the decades. Ken has applied his perseverance to his personal development, attaining an MBA as an adult and a Juris Doctor degree in 2014. A veteran, and career information technology professional, Ken now practices law in the areas of Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Veterans' Benefits.  


Jim Myers, Pendleton, Indiana

Jim Myers, Treasurer

Jim is a lifelong resident of South Madison County and a long-time local business owner. His knowledge of the people and events of the community, spanning generations, is indispensable to the Foundation. He is happy to lend his expert advice from his career in insurance and real estate to Foundation matters and has also served on mini-grant and scholarship selection committees.


Christi Kincade, Pendleton, Indiana

Christi Kincade, Secretary

Christi is passionate about impacting the future of the community she loves by volunteering as the adult mentor for the South Madison Youth Commission. She values the friendliness of her community and the ability to strike up an impromptu conversation with friends and neighbors in one of South Madison’s many gathering places. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and hopes one day, her future grandchildren will be involved with the Community Foundation.

Steve Bill, Pendleton, Indiana

Steve Bill

In his service as a Foundation Board member, Steve has most enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the good works being supported by the Foundation. A retired banking executive, he can be depended on to ask important questions and bring up pertinent issues about financial and procedural issues before the board. He has found South Madison County to be a wonderful place to live and raise a family, and he wants to do his part to maintain those positive qualities for the next generation of South Madison families.


Jim Coyle

Jim has devoted 45 years to teaching, administration, and educational consulting. He has witnessed time and again the power of education to maximize potential, leading to greater quality of life and overall well-being. Living and volunteering in South Madison County provides Jim and his wife Jane the appeal of knowing and interacting with neighbors while affording proximity to the Indianapolis metropolitan area and their three young grandchildren.

Marly Hardy, Pendleton, Indiana

Marly Hardy

Marly Hardy is a financial advisor, parent, dancer, and gardener with a passion for helping those around her. She brings energy and motivation to the Board of Directors and a devotion to the South Madison community- a community she sees as growing, vibrant, and inviting.

Sara Hauser, Pendleton, Indiana

Sara Hauser

Sara Hauser doesn't just want to live in a community; she wants to devote herself to shaping her surroundings in a positive way. As an officer for Tri Kappa, a Board member of the South Madison Community Foundation, the Circulation Librarian for the Pendleton Community Public Library, and a graduate of the Leadership Academy of Madison County, she does just that. Trained as a special education teacher at Purdue University, Sara and her family settled in Pendleton because of its small town atmosphere and connection to community.

Rob Porter, Pendleton, Indiana

Rob Porter

Rob is deeply involved in the community schools and youth activities as a teacher, help coach and parent. It’s his role as parent that drives his community service; his involvement with the Foundation gives him an outlet to support a community that has been a solid and supportive hometown for his family. He especially enjoys the Board’s process of identifying needs and working to meet them strategically.

Lori Ryan, Pendleton, Indiana

Lori Ryan

Lori Ryan has almost three decades experience as an elementary school teacher. A graduate of Pendleton Heights and Ball State University, she and her husband have four children and two grandchildren who live in the Pendleton area. It is Lori's desire to work to make Pendleton an even better place for future generations of her own family as well as the families of the many children she has taught over the years. She appreciates all the resources in the community and wishes to ensure they are put to the best possible use for the benefit of the community.

Leslie Taylor, Pendleton, Indiana

Leslie Taylor

After spending many years living and working abroad as a military wife, Leslie has settled in South Madison County where she has become involved in many community groups. She is a consistent volunteer who loves to learn about community initiatives and spread the word about them to anyone who might benefit. She once compiled a list of 99 things to love about South Madison County and is adding more items all the time.