Small Towns, Bright Future

Lilly Endowment Match Campaign

In South Madison County, we have a good thing going. We have good neighbors and strong schools- minus city congestion and suburban sameness. The big question, however, is what we want for our children and others who might be here tomorrow?

In an age of problem-plagued cities and look-alike suburbs, how do we keep our small towns strong? Greet your neighbors at the farmers' market. Hear the band play on the Fourth of July. Wave to our teams and coaches in the homecoming parade. Stroll a brick street where the houses have character and history. Send the kids off to good schools where the teachers know everyone in your family.

In South Madison County – Ingalls, Lapel, Markleville, Pendleton and all the beautiful land in between – these are our everyday strengths and values. They’re the qualities that set us apart from the steel and concrete of the big city, and the cookie-cutter sameness of suburbia.

But how do we keep a good thing going? How do we address the challenges our communities face today, and those we can’t even foresee tomorrow? Fortunately, the earliest leaders of the South Madison Community Foundation created a remarkable way to accomplish just that – a chance for us to invest in ourselves, our neighbors, our children, our communities and our future through the Bright Future Fund.

The Bright Future Fund is our community's way of saying, "We can't predict the future, but we can plan and prepare for it. We can invest today to meet the unknown needs of tomorrow."

Make a difference for South Madison County – for Ingalls, Lapel, Markleville, Pendleton, for our children and their future, for all of us live and work here.

Help our small towns ensure a bright future. Make your gift today.

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