Why Give

The gifts you give will keep giving year after year

We accept your gift and invest it under the advisement of the Foundation’s investment team. The earnings gained from your gift will be granted to the charitable works of your choice, based on your instructions. Maintaining the principal of your gift and spending only the earnings ensure that your gifts keep giving year after year.

We administer the management of your gift

Even after our administrative costs, 98.5% of your gift's earnings are used for charitable purposes.

Your gifts build a sense of community

As a donor, you are allowing grants to be that do things such as help children have new clothes, purchase fire or police equipment, restock the shelves of the local food pantry, provide classroom supplies or beautify the park. Yet, you are giving more than material items. The organizations and people who receive the physical benefit of your grants know that people in their own community care about them.

It is simple to create a fund

Creating a fund requires minimal paperwork, yet affords you a wide variety of alternatives in choosing how your gift will be used.


SMCF’s Board and professional staff exercise strict fiduciary responsibility over all Foundation assets and provide prudent stewardship of donor funds. Because most gifts to the Foundation are pooled for investment purposes, donors enjoy the advantages of a diverse portfolio mix that minimizes risk and enhances the likelihood of a good return to charity.

Public Accountability

Annual reporting through an independent accountant and filing of tax returns, public disclosure of all grant activities, and careful selection of a diverse volunteer board of outstanding community leaders combine to ensure public accountability for the management and distribution of Foundation assets.

Recognition or Anonymity

A fund at the Foundation can provide a lasting tribute to you and your family. Conversely, if you wish to remain anonymous, the Foundation is a secure place to make grants within the community anonymously.

Tax Advantages

Donations to the Foundation are deductible as allowed by U.S. Tax Code.

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