Public Safety

Pendleton Indiana Public Safety Grants

Our public safety volunteers assist us in times of need; grant funded equipment could benefit any of us at any time.

In 1895, residents of the town of Lapel formed an official “Bucket Brigade” to train and respond to fires in their community. Hand to hand, each neighbor helped defeat the threat to safety and property, knowing that their neighbors would help them the same way, should the need arise.

The highly trained, rapid response of today’s emergency services in South Madison County is especially impressive considering the fact that the fire and emergency response is still comprised of community volunteers from all walks of life. The crew who responds to any emergency call might consist of a farmer, a newly-retired teacher, a bank teller, and a business owner- all who have completed extensive training and certification to provide high quality emergency response.

The volunteer spirit and compassionate care provided by local emergency service volunteers is deeply respected throughout the community. Six dedicated funds have been set forth by Foundation Donors to support our local volunteer fire and ambulance services, and Foundation grants have benefitted the organizations as well. Most recently, the members of the Open Hearts, Open Purses giving circle have granted over $20,000 to these organizations for equipment upgrades including cribbing and a thermal imagery camera.

To this day in South Madison’s small towns and rural communities, threats to safety and property are handled by neighbors lending a hand. Like their ancestors in the bucket brigade over 100 years ago, these neighbors are taking their place in line to offer aid to those in need.

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