Bright Future Grant Application accepted monthly

Bright Future Grant Application

South Madison Community Foundation makes grant awards on a monthly basis. Applications are due on the 15th day of each month. Grant recipients will be notified the first week of the month following application.

Bright Future Grants will range from $500 to $10,000. Organizations may be awarded funding more than once during 2023-2024, but no single organization shall receive more than $10,000 in cumulative awards in a single year.

While your organization does not need to be physically located in these townships, the proposed project must benefit residents of the Madison County, Indiana townships of Adams, Fall Creek, Green and/or Stony Creek.

501(c)3, tax-supported, or educational organizations are eligible to submit a request for funding. However, other entities-- private, for profit, faith-based, grassroots community organizations, service clubs, individual school personnel, and similar — may partner with an eligible organization to apply. For such applications, the eligible organization will act as fiscal agent and project leader for any grants awarded.

Please review the Foundation's grant priorities when contemplating your request. Additional guidance may be found on the application:

High Priority

  • To focus on the prevention of problems rather than the symptoms
  • To maintain both a proactive focus and an ability to respond to creative ideas from grant seekers
  • To assist grant seekers to better respond to the changing needs of the community
  • To encourage programs that enhance cooperation and collaboration among institutions within our community
  • To leverage funds through the use of “match” and “challenge” grants
  • To fund projects that will make a significant improvement in our community

Low Priority  

While SMCF remains flexible in attempting to meet community needs, the following items generally will not be funded:

  • Operational expenses of existing programs
  • Endowments or deficit funding
  • Funds for redistribution by the grantee
  • Conferences, publications, films or television and radio programs unless integral to the project for which the grant is sought.
  • Religious or political purposes
  • Travel for individuals or groups such as bands, sports teams, and classes
  • Annual appeals and membership contributions
  • Major capital improvements

Contact Tammy Bowman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 778-8444 with any questions.

Bright Future Grant Application