South Madison Community Arts Fund

South Madison Visual Arts Show Adam Kyle being given his award by Pendleton Artists Society President Jerry Wymer

The South Madison Community Arts Fund is a project of the children of Robert and Vinetta Wills, in honor of their parents. Through the fund, financial awards are given each year to the winners of art contests, the “South Madison Visual Arts Exhibit” and “Arts in the Park.”
Brenda Wills, one of Robert and Vinetta’s children, attended the 2017 Visual Arts Exhibit, where she spoke about her parents, the inspiration for the creation of the South Madison Community Arts Fund.

“This event is in memory of Vinetta Carr Aiman Wills. Vinetta was a woman ahead of her time. My memories are of watching her do her best to be a perfect wife and homemaker. Dad worked all over Indiana with Wills & Son Construction Company. Dad left early Monday morning and returned Friday for supper, spending Saturdays at the office. Mom did what was never considered work in that era: she created home and family for us.”

But Vinetta always wanted something more; art was her something more.

“I would come home from school to find her doing water color on the back porch, sometimes with two toddlers at home. She created the stenciled posters we used for musicals in high school and she painted senior cords, works of wearable art. As the children grew older, she became more active in the Pendleton Art League. When she died in 1983, we created her first show by surrounding the chapel at the funeral home with her paintings.”

“This art show and the participation of its artists give witness to the life-giving power of art making. Most artists know the importance of the creative process. I urge each participating artist to keep creating; continue, not just because it is good for you, but because it is good for the whole universe. Art is your contribution to adding hope and meaning, healing and transformation, to a world where there is deep need for all of these.”

Honoring the memory of their parents was the motivation the children of Robert and Vinetta Wills used when creating this meaningful and inspirational fund. Their gift has allowed Vinetta’s passion to live through the work of others while simultaneously allowing artist’s throughout the years to be recognized for their talent and creating a platform for creative minds to add a little more color to our community.

Take a moment to reflect on your life and your passions, then ask yourself, "How can I use my talents to create meaning?”

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