Honoring Charlene Daugherty

Charlene Daugherty wasn't afraid to get a little dirty to make Pendleton green and pretty.

Charlene's vision of seasonally delightful trees and riotous blossoms form the set on which life's moments play out for visitors to Falls Park.

Charlene delighted in taking care of the green expanses of the park, forming the heart of the community through places where generations of local residents have met, played, grown, and connected. Lives have been lived and milestones celebrated against the green backdrop of a mature tree canopy, accompanied by the sounds of rushing water and children’s laughter.

Charlene treated Falls Park like an extension of her own yard and garden. Now, following the Memorial Day tornado that damaged the Park and its familiar, leafy skyline, we know what Charlene would be doing. Charlene would be digging. She would be planting. She would be pruning. She would be designing the future.

If you’d like to honor Charlene’s spirit and follow in her occasionally muddy footprints, please consider a gift in her memory.

Gifts will be designated for new tree stock to help re-green Falls Park.

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Please note “Charlene” in the notes field so we may allocate your gift appropriately.