Scholarship Registration

Welcome to the South Madison Community Foundation's scholarship pages.  We are proud to announce that the entire application process can now be completed online.  The pages that follow include instructions for completion. If you have questions or difficulty completing the application, please contact our office at  Please remember that the deadline for submission is February 15th by Midnight.  Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Refer to the scholarship criteria at to learn which scholarships you qualify for.  You can apply for all the ones that match your profile.  Make sure that you supply all of the required documentation as outlined for each scholarship.

Look closely at the criteria for references.  Be sure to inform the person writing the reference of the name of the scholarship and instruct the writer to refer to the scholarship criteria found at  Make sure you ask your writer to view the criteria for the specific scholarship they are responding to.  This will assist them in addressing the qualities requested for submission.

Scholarship committees are composed of board members of the South Madison Community Foundation and community volunteers.  Once the eligible applications have been reviewed, committee members recommend the recipients to the full board of SMCF for approval.  Recipients are notified of their scholarships at their Senior Awards ceremony.

Please complete the below information to register for scholarship application with the South Madison Community Foundation.

Please fill out ALL of the fields and click the 'I have read ...' agreement checkbox which will then enable the button to be pressed for completion of the registration.  Once you submit the request, check the inbox of the email account given below to get further instructions.  If you don't get the instructions within 15 minutes, then check your Spam or Junk folder to see if the documents have landed there.

  Applicant Information
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In order to be considered for a South Madison Community Foundation scholarship award, I agree to:
* Check my email and phone texts on a regular basis for notifications & updates regarding my application.
* Complete all required segments of the application.
* Request my transcript be sent from my high school counselor to SMCF.
* Submit the FAFSA SAR (one-time) for any financial-need based scholarship.
* Secure personal reference(s) as instructed.
* Submit accurate and truthful information on my application.

Applicant represents that all above statements are true and complete. Applicant hereby authorizes verification of above information, references, and applicant releases from all liability or responsibility all persons and corporations requesting or supplying such information. Applicant acknowledges that false information may constitute grounds for rejection of this application.
 * I have read and agree to the provisions as stated.
* I request that my high school counselor's office release my transcript to SMCF.