Foghorn Farms Fountain Renovation

As a child living on a farm halfway between Pendleton and Lapel during the Great Depression, Warren Huntzinger lived for the days his family would visit town. If they visited Pendleton, Warren could wade in the creek near the Falls and run free on the playground with the kids who lived in town.

The best days were the ones when the Huntzingers would while away the evening with a shady picnic, hesitating long enough to catch a phenomenal show at dusk. That’s when the electric lights in the tiered fountain came on, illuminating the water in prismatic red, blue, and green light. Warren recalled, “I had never seen anything like it. It was magical.”

Eight decades later, as he looked back over a life filled with success in agriculture, real estate, aviation, and business development, Warren was still struck by the magic of those evenings watching the fountain shining boldly into the night.

As a thank you gift to those who built the fountain, those who later restored it, and those who maintain it today, Warren and his wife, Nancy, provided funding to support its future care and maintenance. Warren noted, “That fountain is still right between the creek and the playground, which means that it’s a well-worn path for kids just like it was back then. Electrification is no longer novel, but there’s still magic there to be discovered.”

Places like Falls Park and the tiered fountain form the fabric of our community, special moment by special moment. When you recall special people, places, and times, where do your thoughts dwell?

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