The JoAnn Karaffa-Owens Continuing Education Fund

Cor Karaffa, Kim Huser, JoAnn Karaffa Owens, Chris Graham, John Karaffa

JoAnn Karaffa-Owens' life work has focused on her passions for continual learning. As a lifelong educator and former principal, JoAnn understands the importance of education in building strong communities and strong leaders. Whether it be through volunteering at Pendleton Christian Church, participating with the Lions Club, or leading the Pendleton Travel Company, JoAnn's life has been exemplified by serving others, strengthening her community, and lifelong learning and exploration.

This fund was created by her children to honor her legacy through frequent Foundation grants focused on helping other educators, pastors, and administrators in their continuing educational pursuits.

Please join us in honoring JoAnn Karaffa-Owens by helping her to support others continue their education.

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