Fredericks Inc. / Markleville Lumber Legacy Fund

Local companies are the backbone of community. They shore up our civic organizations, support our sport teams, and provide a stable living for generations of workers. Their legacy is broad and deep. In the case of the Fredericks, Inc./Markleville Lumber Co., their legacy is also perpetual, as ongoing grants from their charitable fund will "support local" every year, forever.

Wilbert and Phyllis Fredericks got into the lumber business in the 1970’s by purchasing the Markleville Lumber Company. Later, they co-founded Fredericks, Incorporated. These companies provided career opportunities for the Fredericks family and many others in the decades that followed.

Building a business, family, and community legacy were important to the couple. To commemorate their legacy, Bill Fredericks, on behalf of his brothers, sisters, and parents, opened the Fredericks, Inc./Markleville Lumber Co. Legacy Fund in 2002. The opening donation received a $2 for $1 match from Lilly Endowment, and a new legacy was born!

The new fund was established without restriction, meaning it can be used for any charitable purpose that serves the mission of the South Madison Community Foundation. As the trusted recipient and capable administrator of the fund, the Foundation has used proceeds from the fund for grants to the YMCA playground, to help purchase parkland, books for preschoolers, farmer’s market supplies, food bank support, and more.