Naming Your Priorities

A Named Bright Future Fund at South Madison Community Foundation is a way to express your priorities your community within the broad scope of the Foundation’s grant-making. In creating a Named Fund, a donor is asked to write a statement of priorities that is included as an exhibit of the Fund Agreement.

Foundation Executive Director Tammy Bowman and husband Joe Noel opened a Named Bright Future Fund during a Lilly Endowment GIFT (Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow) campaign that tripled their donations – making the $5,000 starting fund threshold an attainable goal.

Preservationists, gardeners, and volunteers, the couple spends their spare time creating community through groups like Friends of Falls Park and Historic Fall Creek, Pendleton Settlement. They helped paint the crosswalk at Main and Water Streets in Pendleton and always offer to roll up their sleeves to make their community shine.

“Every year, the Foundation takes on a project or makes a grant we love. We know our contributions play a small part in making the grants possible,” Noel commented.

The following Exhibit is part of the Bowman/Noel Fund Agreement:

Honoring Tammy and Joe’s Priorities

Grants from the Fund are approved by the Board of Directors of the South Madison Community Foundation, according to the community’s greatest need.

Foundation staff will match approved grants with the community causes that align most closely with the stated priorities of the Fund’s founders, set forth below:

Tammy and Joe place a high value on creating, maintaining, and beautifying meaningful places and believe that these places form a vital part of creating vibrant communities that are great places to live. South Madison County is filled with such places and as the community they’ve chosen, they wish for future grants to enrich places that matter, whether by historic preservation, park improvements, streetscape enhancements, or other means.