Harless Educational Assistance Fund

The value of a college education is incalculable. Not solely a means to greater financial security, degrees open the door to certain professions - even callings - that would be otherwise closed. Developing the mind should be a life-long endeavor - and the unfortunate lack of financial means should not be a barrier for the motivated learner. These beliefs led Foundation donors to create the Harless Educational Assistance Fund.

Designed to find students with a harder-than-usual road to degree attainment, those who are motivated to succeed despite odds that are stacked against them, the scholarship is structured to provide meaningful awards, up to 100% of the cost of attendance. This level of award can help a hard-working student focus on academics as well as a job or family commitments, rather than the constant struggle to make tuition payments or the terrible choice to incur deep debt. 

A strong applicant will:
- show maturity and good decision-making ability
- show understanding of college costs and resourcefulness in paying for them
- demonstrate strong work ethic through employment
- pursue education that will improve employability and improve the family situation
- show promise inside and outside the classroom, though perhaps not a “straight A” student

Applications for 2024 are now under review. Finalists selected for in-person interviews will be notified by June 15th. Funds awarded will be paid directly to the recipient’s accredited institution of higher education.