Gary Wilson Memorial Fund

Friends of Gary Wilson have established a Memorial Fund at South Madison Community Foundation in honor of Gary’s legacy of leadership and inspiration to Indiana’s livestock community through his work with youth.

Gary deeply cared for his students; he saw something in people that sometimes they, themselves, could not. He pulled hidden strength out of friends’ and strangers’ hearts and showed them they could do hard things.

Gary’s dedication to the students of Pendleton Heights High School as an Agriculture Teacher and an FFA Advisor instilled a strong work ethic and the power to push through, in the students that he inspired.Gary had a light within him that was shown far and wide as he shared his love of agriculture and animals.

His integrity and fortitude continue beyond his direct reach through his former students he inspired to become teachers.

Gary was a dyed in the wool mentor who believed in everyone getting a chance. He supported and grew the trades program where he often saw a spark in kids that others did not. Gary helped usher these students into trades where their spark would ignite their success.

Gary’s work and enthusiasm to continue and better the Poland China Swine Breed was proven as he received the 2023 Indiana Poland China Distinguished Service Award, yet Gary did all things lacking vanity.

He sacrificed time, money, and energy to instill a fiery love of being the best that you can be with what you were given. There wasn’t a person he met who couldn’t call him when they needed him.

In honor of Gary’s unique gifts, charitable donations in Gary’s name are being accepted and will be invested in the success of youth as they follow their aspirations toward higher vocational training.

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