Outiftters, Inc. will clothe children, change lives forever

Memories of being improperly clothed as a child haunt many adults, who recall the sense of shame and exposure they felt as children. For parents who struggle to make ends meet, outfitting the household's children can be a source of major stress. Fortunately, our community has a problem-solving resource in Outfitters, Inc.

Outfitters' motto is "Clothing Children, Changing Lives," and that's what the nonprofit organization does, child by child, year after year.

Last year, Outfitters provided over 1800 children in Madison County with a week's worth of clothing absolutely free. All shopping is done by appointment to ensure the privacy and dignity of Outfitters clientele. Children can shop twice per year for a week's wardrobe of 7 tops, 5 bottoms, 7 pair of socks, 7 underwear, a coat or jacket, and shoes. 

Having appropriate, clean, well-fitting, and seasonal garments can help set a child up with the confidence, comfort, and capability that underlies a successful school career.

Ensuring children have clothing that provides a positive self-image is a call to action that will always be needed. As a way to provide for the future while meeting the needs of today, Outfitters has started an endowment with the South Madison Community Foundation. As the fund grows, so grow the dividends that provide annual support to Outfitters for generations to come.

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