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Dive In To Swim

“We’re not just teaching you ‘How to swim,’ we’re teaching you ‘How NOT to drown.” The lifeguard’s introduction to new students at Brown Pool in Pendleton is a powerful reality check for children and their guardians, underscoring the importance of Dive In To Swim.

Dive In To Swim helps children ages 4-13 experience the joy of being in the water while learning tips and techniques to save themselves and others from tragedy. Techniques like how to turn on to your back to rest and how to safely reach for someone in the water when you’re trying to rescue them. Tips like not swimming alone or not jumping into a body of water unless you know how deep the water really is.

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South Madison Community Arts Fund

The South Madison Community Arts Fund is a project of the children of Robert and Vinetta Wills, in honor of their parents. Through the fund, financial awards are given each year to the winners of art contests, the “South Madison Visual Arts Exhibit” and “Arts in the Park.”
Brenda Wills, one of Robert and Vinetta’s children, attended the 2017 Visual Arts Exhibit, where she spoke about her parents, the inspiration for the creation of the South Madison Community Arts Fund.

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